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The philosophy of the name Apeiron Bound is akin to the concept of the Yin-Yang philosophy. This could also apply to the organized chaotic element of the band. Much like the Yin-Yang concept, the musical philosophy of Apeiron Bound is to take elements from the most memorable, accessible melodies and combine them with experimental elements that reach levels of the avant-garde nature. For the visuals, we combine abstract art with new age and sci-fi influences. For the music, we combine elements of thrash, groove, prog rock, symphonic. fusion, and extreme metal for our own blend of experimental prog metal compositions for a cinematic experience. Lyrically, we predominantly write about the philosophical side of life and the human condition utilizing elements both fiction and nonfiction.

Apeiron Bound quietly formed in the summer of 2018 by Andrew Stout (composer/guitarist) as a one man project to unleash his musical creativity. From there, he started his collaboration with producer and fellow musician, John Galloway (Hallowhymn / Phantom Wave Audio) to further expand upon the instrumental side of the compositions. Shortly after, Michael Calza (vocals/lyricist) and Phillip Colacecchi (additional guitars) were recruited to further expand upon the music for more dynamic range. To top it off, there’s a number of session and guest musicians that make appearances on the debut record adding their own touch to bring forth more dynamics within the music.

The album “Multiplicity” was recorded on and off between June 2018 and 2020. A labor of love between setting up the music and PR side of things, it was originally going to be set for release within the 2020-2021 timeline. Due to the events of the global pandemic, this was to be setback for an autumn 2022 release. As disastrous the pandemic had proven to be in a lot of ways, it was proven to have a silver lining for the band in the PR side of things. It allowed us to get 4 music videos underway, a record label signing, along with solidifying a full lineup to handle the live elements as well as full lineup for future compositions.

Apeiron Bound Lineup 2022
Michael Calza – vocals/lyricist
Andrew Stout – composer/guitars
Phillip Colacecchi – guitars
Kyle Sokol – electric bass & upright bass
Kristopher Huffman – drums/percussion